1. Once the subscriber has downloaded the Text Manalo Mobile game, a subscriber can already start playing the game absolutely free from Category 1 to Category 2. The subscriber will be given 3 initial lives and a set of boosters on Totally Free Mode. The free booster will not re-generate.

Home Page - After opening the game. Starts Game - After clicking play button, player will be redirected to the Main page with the entire categories. Player can play Category 1 and Category 2 for free. To be able to unlock Category 3, player must register and subscribe to the service first.

2. A subscriber will need to register within the app in order to save his/her game. Not registering will delete any achievements or any game play record of the user. Registering will also enable the subscriber to play the game on multiple devices.

3. A non-registered subscriber on Totally Free Mode will not be able to purchase in-game.

4. A subscriber who registers while on Totally Free Mode can:

(i) Save game on multiple devices

(ii) Can connect to Facebook to share achievements & be included in the Leaderboard plus to promote the game and the charity.