Google Play Store - recommended search keywords: Text Manalo, downloading the android game is free of charge but mobile data charges may apply while downloading.

Dloadstation – Downloading the android game is free of charge; no mobile data charges will apply since the portal is already zero-rated.

1. Once the subscriber has downloaded the Text Manalo Mobile game, a subscriber can already start playing the game absolutely free from Category 1 to Category 2. The subscriber will be given 3 initial lives and a set of boosters on Totally Free Mode. The free booster will not re-generate.

Home Page - After opening the game. Starts Game - After clicking play button, player will be redirected to the Main page with the entire categories. Player can play Category 1 and Category 2 for free. To be able to unlock Category 3, player must register and subscribe to the service first.

2. A subscriber will need to register within the app in order to save his/her game. Not registering will delete any achievements or any game play record of the user. Registering will also enable the subscriber to play the game on multiple devices.

3. A non-registered subscriber on Totally Free Mode will not be able to purchase in-game.

4. A subscriber who registers while on Totally Free Mode can:

(i) Save game on multiple devices

(ii) Can connect to Facebook to share achievements & be included in the Leaderboard plus to promote the game and the charity.

Registration Page - Upon reaching Category 3, players will be redirected to registration page.

1. The Required fields in Registration page are:

(a) Mobile Number (as unique username) – 11 digit format (example: 09175426467).

After entering his mobile number and password, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number containing the verification code. The user must type in the verification code into the app to proceed.

(b) Password – minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters, symbols and spaces are not allowed.

(c) Confirm Password – re-typing of the password is required to confirm password.

(d) Submit button - triggers sending of verification code via SMS as a security measure. The security code is valid only for 5 minutes from the time SMS was sent.

Next Page:

(e) Confirmation Code Field – this is where a user can type in verification code sent.

Number verification page - After submitting account details, you will receive a code on your phone to validate mobile number. You’ll be charged P2.50 a day after successful registration. Also in this page, the user will be asked to agree to the Terms and conditions of the game. Player may click on the “Terms and Condition link, which will lead the user to the terms and condition page of Text Manalo.

(f) Submit button – this submits the verification code typed in by user.

(g) Resend code link – this is a link that will send a request to the system to send a new code to user.

2. A subscriber who registers while on Free Premium Mode (Free Trial Access) can:

(a) Save game on multiple devices.

(b) Receive a free invitation via SMS to avail of Paid Premium offers (for example: Limited Time Offer – Subscribe to Paid now and get 5 boosters today).

(c) Enjoy faster refresh of lives while on free premium mode (versus slow refresh lives while on Totally Free Mode)


Successful registration SMS sent from access number 2346:

Thank you! You’re now registered to Text Manalo service! Gamitin ang iyong talino for a cause. Mag subscribe na by texting PLAYTM to 2346. Text Manalo helps the children of Payatas pursue their education. For free info about the service, text TXTINFO To 2346 for free. Questions? Call 892-9999 Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM.

Subscription cost: P2.50/ day

Player will be opted in to the subscription service and be given access to play all the categories in the Text Manalo Game.

Every successful charged with P2.50, players will be given 3 lives and 2 sets of boosters. Succeeding daily SMS push will be sent by 2346.

Mag-break ka muna with TEXT MANALO! Enjoy your 3 lives and 2 sets of boosters plus 10,000 coins today for just P2.50! Play Text Manalo daily to help the children of Payatas with their educational needs! For more info, text TXTINFO to 2346 free. To cancel service, text OFF TXTMANALO to 2346 for free. Questions? Call 892-9999 Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM.

Download the Android Game here!


1. The subscriber will be required to type in:

i. 11-digit mobile number used in registration.

ii. password enrolled during the registration.

2. In case the user forgets his/her password, the “Forgot Password” link can be clicked. Clicking this will trigger a FREE SMS notification to the subscriber to inform him/her about the password reset request along with a new verification code. The page will then direct the user to the Settings>Accounts page where the user can type in the verification code sent as well as submit the new password.

3. Logging in to the Game:

(a) Secures the user account.

(b) Enables the system to track game achievements.

(c) Enables the system to include subscriber in instant rewards if there is a Promo in which Text Manalo game is a participating service.

How to download the app via SMS:

The players can text ON TXTMANALO to 2346 for FREE.


SMS sent from access number 2346:

Maglaro ng Text Manalo upang maka tulong sa mga kabataan sa Payatas! May free access kana sa Text Manalo Game service. Your paid access of P2.50 daily will start tomorrow. For free info about the service, text TXTINFO to 2346 for free. To cancel service, text OFF TXTMANALO to 2346 for free. Qs? Call 892-9999 M-F 9-5.

Here’s your username and password.

Username: {UN}

Password: {PW}

Download Link


The players can simply text OFF TXTMANALO to 2346 for FREE.


SMS sent from access number 2346:

You are now unsubscribed from the TEXT MANALO service. You will no longer have access and get lives and boosters to Text Manalo. We hope you can subscribe again so you can help children of Payats with their educational needs. To subscribe again to TEXT MANALO for just P2.50/daily, text ON TXTMANALO to 2346. For more info, text TXTINFO to 2346 for free.